omg you two

I feel like all of my conversations with D end up like this

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pssh you srk fangirl ;)

well I mean

I love how you tagged me as ohmygrabovski. I am also a hopeless romantic or I have become one over the past year. It’s so gross ksdjflksdj

oops. you will always be ohmygrabovski to meeee


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viktorkrumtouchmybum asked: Once you get this, post 5 facts about yourself! Then send this message to 10 of your favourite followers. :)

aww <3 ok i’m sorry these are not interesting but here you go

  1. I only have one sibling (younger brother) but a giantass rest-of-the-family
  2. I am a hopeless romantic and am the first person to admit how pathetic I can be
  3. I’m studying econ yay
  4. ….my ideal career is to be a journalist… (but I need the monies)
  5. i hate bananas with a burning passion. like the very idea of them makes me want to throw up

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i believe in hate at first sight

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IPH: Pens Nicknames

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